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Our Popular Image Editing Services

CPAT has been providing high quality image editing service for many years. Our highly experienced Photoshop expert’s employee woks 24 hour for the better service to our client. Some service below, which are most popular among our client we found.

Clipping path ServiceClipping path Service

Clipping path Service

CPAT helps their valuable client through removing unwanted element and object from their image. CPAT also helps their client to replace their image completely new white or coloured background.

Image Masking ServiceImage Masking Service

Image Masking Service

Image masking service is needed for fuzzy image or image that belongs to hair while removing background from image. Higly experts and advanced masking knoledge is necessary for this work which our designers have abundant.

Color Correction ServiceColor Correction Service

Color Correction Service

e-commerce retailer and fashion photographers needs to show their product in various color and it is time consuming. CPAT understand this and provides color correction, color variants service for their client.

Drop Shadow ServiceDrop Shadow Service

Drop Shadow Service

drop shadow, another great shadow creation technique. Through this service products raises slightly from its background surface, it seems products /photography are flying on background surface.

Reflection Shadow ServiceReflection Shadow Service

Reflection Shadow Service

Reflection shadow effect is applied in those products which background surface in bottom area reflects it. Products like glass, can, bottle, mobiles and more creates this types of shadow.

Image Manipulation ServiceImage Manipulation Service

Image Manipulation Service

E-commerce reatilers and product photographers need this service specillay for garments product both gents and laddies. CPAT provides this one of the most important photo editing service for their client for long time.

Photo Retouching ServicePhoto Retouching Service

Photo Retouching Service

means polishing a image/photo. For an example in a portrait image it may need to remove stray hairs may need to reduce belly fat, may need to fit hanging the skin. All of this work include in photo retouching service.

Vector Conversion ServiceVector Conversion Service

Vector Conversion Service

In some cases raster images don’t work, clients need to use vector image. CPAT provides vector conversion service to solve the problem. our experts use latest programs to convert raster image into vector.

E-commerce Image EditingE-commerce Image Editing

E-commerce Image Editing

Your e-commerce business is attracting customer attention,not increasing sell as well as it could. This is when photo retouching comes to mind. Your photos might look nice now, but they could be so much better.

Why Choose Clipping Path All Time

Clipping Path All Time maintains some strategy for their business. As a result within few years it becomes one of the best photos editing company. Here some specific factor that will help you to choose clipping expert idea.

High Quality Work

Our Photoshop experts are highly qualified . maximum of them having more than 10 years experience in photo editing service industry.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed service.if any cases clients are not satisfied,we will do our work again.

Affordable Costs

Our service cost is very competitive.you need not to worry about extra expense. moreover, free trial will help you judge our quality.

Instant Customer Service

we value your urgency and our instant service can diffidently solve your urgency. condition apply for this type of service

Unlimited Review

After completing your work, before shifting to you our team leader review the work. if any problem occurs, they instantly solve it .

Quick Turnaround Delivery

We deliver our client images quickly as we value clients time. delivery may takes 24 hr to maximum 72 hours depending on urgency.

Easy Payment System

we use most easy, secure and popular payment system. you can pay us via paypal, master card, visa card or using bank account.

100% Secured File Transfer

We use we transfer, Dropbox , our own FTP server which is most secure . you can send unlimited files. Surely, it is risk free…

Bulk Order Processing

We have employee range 50-200 so are able to take bulk order. moreover, special discount we offer for bulk images.

Our Price


Per Image
  • Basic--- $0.49
  • Simple---$1.00
  • Multiple---$3.00
  • Complex----$6.90
  • Super Complex ----$6.9
  • Very Super Complex---$10.00


per Image
  • Basic--- $1.29
  • Simple---$2.50
  • Multiple---$4.00
  • Complex----$5.50
  • Super Complex ----$6.90
  • Very Super Complex---$8.00


per Image
  • Basic--- $1.39
  • Simple---$2.00
  • Multiple---$3.00
  • Complex----$4.00
  • Super Complex ----$5.90

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Happy Clients


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