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Clipping path is a very effective way to cut out an image from the background selecting outline on the desired area of the image; the path what is considered inside or outside as needs to be clipped. It is very essential thing for an image when it goes to be used in advertisement. A shadow is a reflection of something produced by light hitting the object.


It refers to either a dark part of something or to an area of complete darkness. This is an indication that something has been present or a premonition of something adverse following the sun light. The darker portion of a picture is considered as shadow and usually just to bring a natural effect for an image.


In making shadow for an image, the perfection or accuracy is most needed to bring. So there needs experienced designers to do that and Clipping Path All Time (CPAT) have sufficient professionals who are really eligible for this type of work. The accuracy of the art work is really found here. The result must make you happy on. Feel free to ask any of your query.